Google Offers $190,000 Salary To Indian Student

Tech giants often hire employees from around the world who haven’t even completed their college education. Google in particular, is well known for organizing employment exams in several countries worldwide. Now, a student from India has made the headlines after being offered a $190,000 salary in Google.

Chetan Kakkar, a final year student at Delhi Technological University (DTU) was recently offered this salary- the highest yet to be paid by Google to a new entrant. He will be joining the Google HQ next year.

Both of Chetan’s parents are professors at Delhi University. His father Subhash Kakkar is a Professor of Management while his mother Rita Kakkar is a Professor of Chemistry.

About his unexpected offer from Google, Chetan stated, “Even though I was preparing myself so that I can get a decent job, I never really thought that I would be offered a job at Google right at the start. I am very delighted at this offer.”

Previously, a student from the same institution (DTU) was offered a job at a tech firm for a yearly salary close to 100 lakh rupees.

Recently, Google organized an employment exam for the fourth time for Bangladesh students and tech professionals. The exam took place at 8 pm on 11 November.