Google To Launch Delivery Drones Within 2017

How’d you like it if one day you opened your door to a drone waiting for you with the package that you ordered online? No matter how farfetched this might sound, it could soon be a reality, specially now that Google¬†officially announced that its Project Wing tests have been successful and delivery drones can be expected within 2017.

The idea of drone deliveries is nothing new by the way- Amazon founder Jeff Bezos was among the first to entertain the idea and many others reciprocated. In fact, drones are already being used in in an experimental basis in certain remote areas to transport necessities. But now that Google has put a date on it, the possibility of drone deliveries has become all that more real.

Google’s drones can fly vertically and also hover in place like helicopters. To deliver a package, the drone will lower it by a tether and once the product s safely on the ground, it automatically detaches and pulls the cord back up. The drones so far has a carrying capacity of 2.3 kgs which can be expected to increase once delivery actually starts.

While the test phases have gone smoothly, a lot still needs to be done if this service is to be made available. Right now, the major challenge would be to get past regulatory obstacles thrown by government agencies, and then there is also the issue of ensuring safety of the drones as well as the goods they are delivering.

Nevertheless, it would be really cool to see a drone waiting patiently at your doorsteps, and you wouldn’t even need to tip it!