Guide to Government Loans in Singapore

Give your business an instant cash boost with Grants & Loans

There are variety of loans and government grants available to entrepreneurs and small business owners that can provide a cash-flow boost, to get your business off the ground sooner. If you need a small loan to launch a start-up idea or perhaps expand your existing business, a government loan could be perfect for you. Knowing what your legally eligible and entitled to as a business owner can be tricky. Luckily, the experts at have come up with this guide to loans and incentives available to business owners.

There are three types of loans

Asset-based financing for:

  • Purchase of fixed assets (new or old) for overseas usage
  • Purchase of land or buildings overseas
  • Construction of buildings overseas

Structured loans for:

  • Funding of secured overseas projects
  • Financing of expenses of confirmed overseas sales orders

Banker’s guarantee for:

  • Issuance of guarantee facilities for secured overseas projects

Loan insurance scheme

You can use the loan to:

  • Establish a new business venture, inventory storage and distribution hub
  • Extend into new markets and product lines
  • Expand existing manufacturing capacities and distribution channels
  • Increase working capital
  • Financially support majority-owned overseas subsidiaries

Local enterprise finance scheme

You can use the loan to:

  • Establish a viable new business
  • Modernize and automate your plant and machinery
  • Expand your existing manufacturing capacity
  • Diversify into other product lines
  • Purchase factory or business premises (only JTC or HDB properties)

Micro loan
You can use the loan to:

  • Purchase new equipment and technologies
  • Renovate¬† or expand your existing premises
  • Fund your daily operations

Choosing the ideal loan for your business or company can be a difficult and confusing task. Luckily the highly regarded business consultants at are on standby to help you choose the right loan for your business and navigate the application process, ensuring you receive the best chance of success.

There are plenty of businesses that can be started with a minimal amount of money. Act now to take advantage of the generous Singapore government incentives and loans allowing you to start-up a business on a smaller budget.

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