Taking on Staff

Hiring Extra Staff can have huge benefits for you Business. We show you how.

Recruiting additional employees can be a massive step in the life of any start-up or small business. Hiring s staff can sometimes be a legal minefield and a massive financial burden, so it should not be considered lightly. Startups.com.sg will be providing expert advice on how to hire staff, how to write a job advert, interviewing potential candidates and the staff induction process.

One of the most common concerns entrepreneurs and small business owners come to us for advice about, is deciding on the best time to expand their business and hire additional employees. At Startups.com.sg, our expert team of business consultants can help you not only not only decide to hire additional staff, but also find the ideal candidates to join your team. We have complied a list of 9 things you should ask yourself before hiring extra staff.

When is the right time to hire an employee?

Try asking yourself the following questions before deciding to boost your workforce.

  • Why? Are you thinking about hiring more staff to help you expand your business or because you can no longer manage the workload yourself?
  • Short or long-term solution? If you are struggling to manage an increased workload, is it a temporary issue (e.g. caused by a seasonal influx or a large project) or is it likely to be a long-term trend?
  • More People or Better Processes? Do you need to employ additional staff – or do you just need to do things differently? Could you improve the use of existing employees, innovations and technology and improved business management process? Sometimes it can be easier to get tasks done more quickly and efficiently? Could you find ways to streamline some of your processes to cut down on unnecessary administration?
  • Skills and expertise. Do you need people to bring new skills and expertise into the business to combine with your existing talents? If so, are you clear about what skills your require and exactly how they will benefit your business in the future?
  • Could you outsource? Do you need someone to take over a particular area or set of tasks (e.g. accounting or marketing)? Is there enough work to do in these areas to warrant a full-time employee, or might outsourcing to a specialist service provider be a better solution?
  • Could you learn new skills yourself? Are you considering hiring extra staff because there are certain aspects of your business where you feel out of your comfort zone (sales, finance, or marketing for instance)? Is recruiting extra employee the right answer – or could you learn how to do these things yourself?
  • Consequences. What are the practical implications of employing additional staff? Where will they work from? Do you have room to accommodate them and have you taken into account the financial effects of possibly having to purchase new equipment and furniture?
  • What can you cut back on? Is there anything you need to stop doing? Could you be hiring extra staff to maintain a line of work which is time-consuming but actually not very profitable?
  • Is it viable? What will happen if you don’t hire anyone? Is maintaining your current processes a viable option?

There are plenty of reasons why your business can benefit from an increased workforce, but it is imperative that you and your team are ready and willing to hire extra help. Thanks to innovations in technology combined with flexible working hours mean start-ups and small businesses can easily employ additional staff on a small budget