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  • , , is a powerful map-based property search engine that utilizes smart algorithms to provide housing renters, buyers, and property agents alike a fast, transparent, and efficient property search experience.

    Founded by one of the best engineering teams in Singapore, it is currently headquartered and operational in the Lion City.

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    Playbasis is an engagement automation platform that leverages behavioral analytics, gamification mechanics, and notifications to increase in-app engagement by an average of +500% (six-times).

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    ReferralCandy helps ecommerce stores increase sales by getting shoppers to refer their friends. Our SaaS app accelerates word-of-mouth referrals for online stores around the world.

    We’re combining our expertise in word-of-mouth marketing with emerging technologies to create a new form of advertising based on trust. Imagine if you were shopping for new headphones and you could easily, instantly and automatically know what your friends would recommend!

    Did we also mention that Forbes magazine thinks we’re “exceptionally intelligent”? (They probably meant to say “exceptionally geeky.”) Our work has also gotten shout outs from places like the New York

    We enjoy good coffee, poker, whiskey, and constantly finding a better way to do things. On the rare occasion that diplomacy fails, we settle disputes with foam swords.

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    AdzCentral is a Scientific Media Buying Platform that:

    – Connects to hundreds of billions of impressions per month and puts the ad in front just the right audience among Southeast Asia’s online diversity

    – Offers sophisticated programmatic buying, permitting marketers to increase ROI while also helping publishers to maximize the value of their inventory

    – Allows marketers to access and use ever greater amounts of consumer data to transform advertising efficiency

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    ZUMATA is a B2B SaaS Travel Technology company offering unique technology-driven API-based travel inventory and algorithm combinations that can drastically raise the profitability of B2C travel retailers. We also provide attractive and user-friendly customer-facing white-label distributions for our inventory, technology, and payment solutions.

    We utilize a diverse toolbox of coding technologies including Go, Rails, Angular, Docker, and many more. We’re managing a TON of data, applying algorithms in real-time as users interact with it, and developing technologies that have never before been used in B2B travel tech. We’re experiencing a very high rate

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