Turn Your Traditional Watch Into A Smart Watch With Chronos

If you are a ‘watch’ person you would perhaps not opt to buy a smartwatch as opposed to your expensive traditional wrist-wear. And that makes perfect sense given how traditional watches are in a whole different league altogether. But for those who don’t want to let go of their ‘dumb’ watch but also do not want to lag behind on technology, the answer is Chronos.

Now, what is Chronos? It is a small disk that attaches to the underside of any traditional watch and introduces core smartwatch functionality. It works on all platforms so you don’t have to worry about whether you are using an iOS or Android device.

The device is a miniature one with only 3mm of thickness and 33mm in diameter. It attaches to the underside of almost any watch with the help of micro-suction. Don’t get misconstrued into thinking that it will somehow magically turn the display of your traditional watch into that of a smartwatch – it will mostly be giving you notifications.

The Chronos is waterproof and uses Bluetooth 4.0. Once paired, the device will buzz slightly to notify you that you have received a new email or text message. A nifty little feature is that it can also light up when providing you with such notifications if you so desire.

There is also an accelerometer on board that enables light fitness tracking. The company said that the Chronos will last for 36 hours on a single charge and that the disk will be able to fit in and function with 80% of watches that are in the market today.

The price of the device is a modest $99 (Tk. 8,000) and before you get all excited about purchasing this innovative little device, you can’t do that before Spring 2016. Although by then we will see newer and better smart watches, the fact that the Chronos can work with almost any watch it makes us believe that it will still be relevant a year from now.